May 15–16, 2019 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, MA

Design & Manufacturing New England 2018 Schedule Viewer

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Agnello, Alessandro

Title: Principal Software Architect

Company: Abiomed Inc.

Alden, Tor

Title: Principal and CEO

Company: HS Design, Inc.

Andriole, PhD, Katherine

Title: Director of Research Strategy and Operations

Company: MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science


Barad, MD, Justin

Title: Co-Founder and CEO

Company: Osso VR

Beeker, Daniel

Title: Principal Engineer

Company: NXP Semiconductor

Beningo, Jacob

Title: President

Company: Beningo Embedded Group

Birch, Lynn

Title: VP Product Engineering

Company: Skreens Entertainment Technologies

Boys, Bob

Title: Product Manager

Company: ARM


Clavin, Kimberly

Title: VP of Engineering, Loop by Pillar

Company: Pillar Technology

Cochran, Robert

Title: President

Company: Mind Chasers Inc.

Cope, Rod

Title: CTO

Company: Rogue Wave Software

Coyne, Marty

Title: Principal and Founder

Company: Matchstick

Cretella, Joe

Title: Applications Engineer

Company: Proto Labs


Daugherty, DJ

Title: Chief Technology Officer of Embedded Products

Company: Loop (by Pillar Technology)

Davis, Greg

Title: Director of Engineering, Compilers

Company: Green Hills Software

Deffree, Suzanne

Title: Content Director / Editor-in-Chief

Company: Design News (UBM)

Devlin, Philip

Title: General Manager

Company: Agility Labs a Triple Ring Technologies Company

Doyle, Ian

Title: Event Director

Company: UBM


Eichelberger, Meghna

Title: Principal

Company: The Boston Consulting Group

Ellersick, William

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Analog Circuit Works


Ford, Olivia

Title: Lead UX Designer

Company: HS Design

Fraze, Dennis

Title: President

Company: Key Industries

Fry, Jared

Title: FAE Manager

Company: LDRA

Fulks, Charles

Title: Senior Staff Engineer

Company: Intuitive Research and Technology


Gajjala, Anita

Title: Senior Technical Consultant

Company: MathWorks

Gandhi, Dan

Title: Driverless Car Systems Engineering Lead

Company: NextDroid

Ganssle, Jack

Title: Principal Consultant

Company: TGG

Goluch, Edgar

Title: Founder

Company: QSM Diagnostics Inc

Goodman, Stephen

Title: Co-Founder

Company: Mid Atlantic Bio Angels

Gorshechnikov, Anatoly

Title: Co-Founder & CTO

Company: Neurala


Harrington, Ryan

Title: Principal

Company: Exponent

Haven, Ken

Title: President/CEO/Founder

Company: Acorn Product Development

Hughes, Eli

Title: VP of Research and Development

Company: TZero Labs


Jackson, Brad

Title: Senior Field Application Engineer

Company: Green Hills Software


Karp, Jeff

Title: Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Company: Harvard Medical School & MIT


Labrosse, Jean

Title: Software Architect

Company: Silicon Labs

Leigh, Bob

Title: Director of Market Development, Autonomous Vehicles

Company: RTI

Links, Cees

Title: General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Business Unit

Company: Qorvo

Lombardi, Donald

Title: President

Company: Institute for Pediatric Innovation

Lord, Charles

Title: President

Company: Blue Ridge Advanced Design

Love, Sarah

Title: Computer Science Major

Company: Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Maiman, Mitch

Title: President

Company: Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS)

McManus, Ashley

Title: Marketing Director

Company: Affectiva

Moseley, Drew

Title: Technical Solutions Engineer



Nelson, Kevin

Title: CSO

Company: TissueGen

Newquist, Gunnar

Title: Founder & CEO

Company: Brain2Bot Inc.


Phillips, Jeff

Title: Head of Automotive Marketing

Company: National Instruments

Prestridge, Shawn

Title: Senior Field Applications Engineer

Company: IAR Systems Inc.


Quinn, Michael

Title: Vice President of Design and Engineering

Company: HS Design


Richardson, Brian

Title: Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Company: Intel Corporation

Rutter, Bryce

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Metaphase Design Group


Sauer-Budge, Alexis

Title: Managing Scientist

Company: Exponent

Schneck, Paul

Title: Principal

Company: Schneck Consulting

Schnecker, Mike

Title: Business Development Manager

Company: Rohde & Schwarz

Sherman, James

Title: Senior Conference Developer

Company: SAE International

Sherony, Rini

Title: Senior Principal Engineer

Company: Toyota

Siegel, Amy

Title: Founder

Company: S2N Health, LLC

Singer, Steve

Title: Senior Director of Worldwide Field Applications Engineering

Company: Rambus

Small, Carla

Title: Senior Director, Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator

Company: Boston Children’s Hospital

Steiner, Glenn

Title: Senior Manager

Company: Xilinx


Tamer, Christina

Title: Program Officer, Venture Development and Investments

Company: VentureWell

Taylor, Adam

Title: Director

Company: Adiuvo Engineering Training ltd

Taylor, Thurston

Title: Technical Director, OEM Business Division

Company: BISTel


Weston, Pat

Title: Engineer

Company: Better Embedded Engineering, LLC

Wiltz, Chris

Title: Senior Editor, Design News

Company: UBM