May 15–16, 2019 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, MA

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ARM Cortex-M & RTOSs Are Meant for Each Other


Jean Labrosse (Software Architect, Silicon Labs)

Location: 107B

Date: Thursday, April 19

Time: 3:00pm - 3:45pm

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Conference Track: Embedded Software Design & Verification

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Audience Level: N/A

The ARM Cortex-M architecture was introduced in 2004, is currently the most popular 32-bit architecture on the market today, and has been adopted by most, if not all, major MCU manufacturers. The Cortex-M was designed from the very beginning to be RTOS kernel friendly: dedicated RTOS tick timer, context switch handler, Interrupt Service Routines written in C, Tail-Chaining, easy critical section management, and more. Once an RTOS kernel is ported to the Cortex-M using a given toolchain, the exact same port (i.e. CPU adaptation code) can be used with any Cortex-M implementation. This session will explore some of the feature of the Cortex-M and how they benefit applications using an RTOS.


Understand the benefits of using a Cortex-M and an RTOS for your embedded application
See how you can monitor the status of an RTOS without halting the CPU
Learn how easy it is to write ISRs completely in C
Understand the difference between Kernel Aware and non-Kernel Aware ISRs